Ultra Veil Facial Sunscreen

Ultra Veil Facial Sunscreen


Size: 2.4 fl oz - 70 ml

Price: 39.00 USD

  • What it is

    Ultra Veil® is an incredibly elegant Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ facial sunscreen fluid rich in antioxidants and multi-functional botanical extracts.

  • What's in it
  • Why use it

    Provides the highest level of FDA recognized sun protection in a supremely elegant formulation.

  • When and how

    Shake well and apply to face, neck and décolleté before sun exposure. Reapply as needed, especially after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating.

  • Customer Reviews
    "Super light, and luxurious."

    Regina C.

  • FAQs
    • Are Ultra Veil Sunscreen and Natural Finish BB Cream fully compatible?

      Ultra Veil and Natural Finish BB go very well together. Ultra Veil works exceptionally well under Natural Finish BB Cream for extra protection. The two products also provide a harmonious look when applied individually to adjacent/contiguous areas.

    • Do the extracts in Ultra Veil help prevent skin cancer?

      No. The plant extracts in Ultra Veil have not been shown to prevent skin cancer. It is interesting to note, however, that four extracts in Ultra Veil (Phellinus linteus, Scutellaria baicalensis, Thymus serpyllum, andAspalathus linearis) are considered to have possible anti-cancer properties. Even more intriguing, data from a 2007 Korean university study suggests that Scutellaria baicalensis may have the potential to inhibit development of skin cancer. Nevertheless, there is no concrete clinical evidence at this time that the extracts in Ultra Veil prevent skin cancer and Amarte does not make this claim. While this concept is an intriguing theoretical possibility, Amarte wishes to be perfectly clear in stating that the extracts in Ultra Veil have not been clinically proven to prevent skin cancer and are not intended to further reduce the risk of skin cancer that users can reasonably expect when applying Ultra Veil per FDA guidelines.

    • Does Ultra Veil cause a grey discoloration when applied to those with darker skin?

      Ultra Veil has been tested on the forearms of people with Fitzpatrick Type VI skin.  It does not produce visible residue, opacification, or tonal change.

    • How is Ultra Veil's 40 minute water resistance claim verified?

      The water-resistance component of Ultra Veil's SPF testing consisted of alternating water-immersion and drying procedures performed by an independent laboratory on ten human subjects.  Per FDA guidelines, the water-immersion procedure begins at least 15 minutes after sunscreen application and immediately after obtaining an initial SPF reading.  Subjects are immersed in water to cover the test area for 20 minutes.  Immersion is followed by a 15-minute drying period. Then subjects are immersed again for 20 minutes followed by another 15-minute drying period.  After these two sequential 20 minute immersions, repeat SPF testing is performed. This sequence must be performed to substantiate a “water-resistant (40 minutes)” claim and the SPF result on the product label must be from test results taken after water immersion.  Ultra Veil's SPF 50+ water resistant (40 minutes) label reflects the results of these tests.

    • How is Ultra Veil's SPF 50+ value determined?

      Ultra Veil's SPF determination is based on human testing as mandated by the FDA.  For the record, Amarte is cruelty free and never performs animal testing.  Ultra Veil was tested at an independent laboratory on ten subjects (nine women and one man) with Fitzpatrick Skin Types II and III.  Every human subject on which Ultra Veil was tested demonstrated at least an SPF 50 rating both initially and after 40 minutes of water immersion.

    • Is the yellow color of Ultra Veil fluid natural or artificial?

      Ultra Veil fluid's interesting yellow color is 100% natural and harmonizes with the outer box color.  Ultra Veil absorbs completely, of course, producing no perceptible color shift or opacity even on the darkest skin types.

    • New sunscreen ingredients may be approved by the US FDA soon. Will Ultra Veil be as cosmetically elegant and effective as future products containing these yet-to-be FDA approved ingredients?

      Amarte prides itself in creating the most elegant and effective products and we believe that Ultra Veil has set a durable standard for sunscreen elegance and efficacy.  In our pre-launch testing of Ultra Veil, we performed a small head to head comparison with the leading grey-market French Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen containing a patented non-US ingredient.  Ultra Veil was judged by all participants to be functionally and aesthetically superior to this famous 'leading' French product.  While these are not scientific study results, they suggest that Ultra Veil will remain one of the very best sunscreens available even as products containing yet-to-be-FDA-approved sunscreen ingredients come to market.  After all, Ultra Veil has set the bar for sunscreen function and elegance extremely high by all objective measures.

    • Ultra Veil is Broad Spectrum rated. What does that mean?

      SPF values relate mainly to the ability of products to block UVB, not UVA.  To be classified as broad spectrum, at least 10% of a sunscreen's total ultraviolet light (UV) screening must occur within the UVA spectrum - at or above the 'critical' 370 nanometer UV wavelength.  A Broad Spectrum rating indicates that a product provides UVA screening benefits proportional to the UVB-linked SPF rating.

    • Ultra Veil is considered Broad Spectrum. What is the science behind this determination and classification?

      Ultra Veil's broad spectrum classification has been confirmed by performing the critical wavelength test as mandated by the FDA.  This test is performed in vitro by a private laboratory with the Labsphere UVA/UVB Sample Analyzer, Model UV-2000S with a xenon flash lamp.  During the test, the absorbance of a thin film of Ultra Veil is integrated (summed) from 290 nm across the UV wavelengths until the sum reaches 90% of Ultra Veil's total absorbance in the ultraviolet region (290-400 nm). The wavelength at which the summed absorbance reaches 90% of total absorbance is defined as the 'critical wavelength' and is considered to be a measure of the breadth of sunscreen protection. Ultra Veil is classified as 'broad spectrum' because it has a critical wavelength of at least 370 nm and thus a significant part of its ultraviolet absorbance is in the UVA band.

    • What does SPF 50+ mean? Why isn't there an exact number?

      The US FDA has instructed that sunscreens with SPF values greater than 50 be labeled SPF 50+ rather than with an actual SPF number.  The FDA reasons that the real-world differences in protection from products with SPF's higher than 50 are negligible.   There is a concern that promoting the display of defined SPF numbers over 50 may result in misleading marketing messages and not be in the best interest of consumers.  Ultra Veil’s human-tested SPF value is significantly higher than 50 but, in keeping with the FDA's wishes, Ultra Veil's label only lists SPF 50+.

    • Why are there six plant extracts in Ultra Veil?

      The six plant extracts in Ultra Veil have been included with the intent of creating a uniquely beneficial and protective product.  The generally recognized properties of each extract are summarized on the ingredient hyperlinks present on the Ultra Veil Ingredients tab.  Scientific studies have shown that these six extracts have antioxidant and possible anti-inflammatory properties.  Four of them also possess potential anti-cancer properties that continue to be scientifically studied.

    • Will Amarte incorporate any sunscreen ingredients awaiting FDA approval into Ultra Veil once approved?

      Amarte selectively incorporates the best breakthroughs in skin care technology into its products.  As new ingredients for sunscreen formulation become available, Amarte will conduct formulation research and development with an eye towards delivering ongoing value and innovation to the marketplace.  However, given the exceptional characteristics of the current Ultra Veil formulation, it is likely that any future sunscreen products from Amarte will complement rather than replace it.  

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