Natural Finish™ BB Cream Light Tint

Natural Finish™ BB Cream Light Tint


Size: 1.4 fl oz - 40 ml

Price: 65.00 USD

  • What it is

    Natural Finish™ BB Cream is a sheer, finely pigmented face tint that provides moisture, uniform coverage, and Broad Spectrum SPF 36 sun protection. Designed to resist caking and flaking, it gives skin a long-lasting, natural radiance.

  • What's in it
  • Why use it

    Moisturizes, rejuvenates and protects skin, while blending uneven skin tone.

  • When and how

    Use as a final step in the Amarte skin care ritual. Apply product using a sponge or fingertips, blending until completely absorbed into skin.

  • Customer Reviews

    "Not only did this bb cream even out my very uneven skin tone and moisturize it without making it oily at all,it gave my skin that beautiful glow that it hasn't seen in some time.It felt amazing on my skin and I got a lot of compliments without even mentioning that I had switched products.I have combination/problematic skin that I am just never really happy with,but after using this not only was I happy but I was in love."

    Carrie E.

    "The BB Cream makes me look airbrushed in an instant!"

    Dawn D.

    "I have been sitting on the fence wondering if I should purchase this product. Well I am glad I did, this cream leaves my skin glowing and a little goes a long way."

    Helen Knight

    "I just purchased this after receiving a sample in Dr. Kraffert's office. I must say, I have tried every single BB cream out there, including the high end luxury lines from Dr. Jart to Dior and best reviewed drugstore brands, and nothing compares to Amarte's BB cream! Absolutely nothing. My skin has this flawless finish and it has such staying power. I will not go back to anything else after using this! I've already told everyone I know about it and shared it on my's THAT great!"

    Shannon S.

    "I LOVE this BB cream. I have never loved a BB or CC this much."

    Susan H.

  • FAQs
    • Are Ultra Veil Sunscreen and Natural Finish BB Cream fully compatible?

      Ultra Veil and Natural Finish BB go very well together. Ultra Veil works exceptionally well under Natural Finish BB Cream for extra protection. The two products also provide a harmonious look when applied individually to adjacent/contiguous areas.

    • Can you really sleep with BB Cream on?

      Yes, Natural Finish™ BB Cream has great staying power. Don’t be surprised to find that you still look great in the morning - even if you happen to fall asleep without cleansing and re-moisturizing. Natural Finish™ BB Cream doesn’t block pores, cause irritation or otherwise damage skin. Unlike typical ‘makeup foundations’,Natural Finish™ BB Cream contains only natural pigments in a state-of-the-art protective moisturizing base and does not create the sort of skin problems seen with foundations such as keratin debris buildup and comedone formation.

    • How much BB Cream is required for optimal facial coverage?

      The optimal amount of BB Cream varies from person to person but most people find that one pump from the attractive airless pump container is just right for a great look. The small amount needed means that Natural Finish™ BB Cream lasts a long time and is packaged in an airless pump to ensure that every application is as fresh and effective as the first.

    • What makes Natural Finish BB Cream coverage so special?

      The sheerness and fineness of the formulation and color is simply unsurpassed. This BB Cream is able to produce a virtually flawless and completely natural look with its smooth, light and invisible corrective properties. Natural Finish™ BB Cream is the new standard that defines the pinnacle of BB Cream complexion capability for the modern era.

    • Why are there only two shades of Amarte BB Cream?

      Sometimes too many choices can cause confusion. Amarte’s two current shades of BB Cream – light and natural - provide a great match for most people in both the United States and Korea. Other shades are being actively considered for future launch.

    • Why do Korean actresses say Natural Finish BB Cream is the leading BB Cream?

      Natural Finish™ BB Cream is a team player. It has several unique strengths that combine to create an incomparable product. In addition to the visually addictive properties of its fine pigment dispersion, Natural Finish™ BB Cream is rich in Argan and Macadamia oils, shea butter and caviar extract which, together, luxuriously moisturize. It layers on a calm soothing skin blanket via the effects of allantoin, dimethicone, Aloe and Portulaca. Also on the team is real sunscreen protection. This BB Cream’s durable Broad Spectrum SPF 36 protection is headed up by two ‘best in class’ sunscreen ingredients – titanium dioxide and ethyhexyl methoxycinnamate.

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