Meet Dr. Craig Kraffert

President of Amarte

Dr. Craig Kraffert is a board certified dermatologist and President of Amarte. He is the founder of and ReddingDerm, a five clinic dermatology practice in northern California and Oregon that specializes in both aesthetic and clinical dermatology.

Trained as a biochemist and cell biologist, Dr. Kraffert began his career in biomedical research at Scripps Institute in La Jolla, CA. Shortly thereafter, he studied medicine at UCLA and interned in surgery at UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Kraffert then trained in dermatology at the University of Miami, a program consistently considered one of the world’s most prestigious and desirable.

Dr. Kraffert's adventurous spirit led him to build the most successful e-commerce company ever founded by a dermatologist,  Today, DermStore is owned by the iconic American company, Target Co., ensuring a lasting legacy for Dr. Kraffert's skin care passion and entrepreneurial acumen. 

As a dermatologist, biochemist and skin care enthusiast, Dr. Kraffert discovered that the technology of Amarte formulations was far more advanced than anything he had experienced during the evaluation of thousands of products submitted to DermStore. This technology resulted in a combination of luxury and efficacy surpassing everything in DermStore's offering.  Dr. Kraffert thus viewed Amarte as a promising company with technology and products vastly superior to everything in the American market but zero brand awareness. Determined to introduce these objectively superior products to the world, Dr. Kraffert formed an international corporate partnership dedicated to further refining the original Amarte formulations and customizing the products for the American and broader world markets. Under Dr. Kraffert’s direction, Amarte is defining the global standard for luxurious and efficacious skin care systems that promote the wellness and the natural beauty of skin. Amarte is a skin care system that is more than a fusion of East and West – It is also a symbol of beauty and science intertwining, and the celebration of an enjoyable daily ritual.

Dr. Kraffert is passionate about all aspects of dermatology. He sees patients five days per week in offices spanning Northern California and Oregon and views his mission as becoming the embodiment of the “Renaissance dermatologist,” constantly striving to achieve excellence at all aspects of dermatology for the benefit of patients. Dr. Kraffert’s clinics contain more than 25 fully equipped exam and treatment rooms and offer an exceptionally wide spectrum of modern dermatology services. Dr. Kraffert is involved in dermatology research projects. He lectures frequently in academic and industry forums across the United States, and has been especially active in California dermatology, recently serving as the President of CalDerm, an organization he takes credit for renaming.

Each Amarte product is studied, tested, perfected and recommended by Dr. Kraffert himself.