Korean Skin Care Philosophy

The key to understanding Korean skin care philosophy is to understand the legacy behind it. Koreans have among the longest documented historical civilized legacies in the world, dating back to 8000 BC. Skin care interest is recorded in its earliest writings and the Donguibogam, an ancient medicinal text, has an entire section (the Tangaekpyeon) on preparation and use of herbal ingredients including many for skin concerns. As a result, Korean culture reflects a deep passion for prolonging skin’s health and beauty, and this legacy has positioned it at the forefront of skin care technology.

Koreans exercise and cherish a multi-step skin care regimen focused cleanliness along with skin’s brightness and overall lucidity. Much like a multi-course meal, each step is to be enjoyed and serve the overall experience. Koreans are experts at appreciating true quality and demand the most high-performing, luxury products. It is this combination of strict standards and ingenuity that drives their skin care products to be among the best in the world.

Today, Korea is the darling of East Asia. Lovingly referred to by Marie Claire as “the new France” of the skin care world, it is the international epicenter for skin care research, development and innovation. There is a sense among skin care experts worldwide that Korea’s best products are a decade or more ahead of others in terms of market-relevant technological innovation.

Recent Korean skin care breakthroughs include the refinement and mass-marketing of BB cream, the use of elegant, natural brightening alternatives such as arbutin (instead of hydroquinone), the development of natural, mushroom-based emollient ingredients, new methods for preparing natural extracts, and the concept of gentle exfoliation – a uniquely Korean tenet. Skin care formulators in this corner of the world see little, if any, place for potent glycolic acid or other AHA exfoliants. Since the publishing of the Donguibogam more than 400 years ago, skin care philosophy here has advocated gentle, bio-compatible exfoliation. Today, the best Korean skin care products induce effective, gentle exfoliation through the artistic use of sulfur, herbal extracts, and refined physical exfoliants.

Amarte’s innovative formulas fuse ancient, proven ingredients with modern, innovative skin care technology. Our formulas include many of the original ingredients recommended by the Donguibogam, including sulfur, mushrooms, and various botanical extracts. To optimize the use of these ingredients, we partner with Korea's Bio Regional Innovation Center - a leading government-sponsored laboratory that is focused exclusively on bio-organic materials. Products are formulated here and are tested, refined, and perfected in consultation with board certified dermatologist and president of Amarte, Dr. Craig Kraffert. The result is Amarte Skin Care - a uniquely luxurious and efficacious skin care brand that takes the very best of Korean skin care philosophy, technology, and creativity and synergizes it with Western dermatology expertise and sensibilities.

The dawning of Amarte’s role as the leader of skin care innovation has arrived. The reputation generated by the highest quality Korean skin care products is spreading around the world.  It's an exciting time for Amarte to be the leader in delivering the luxurious and efficacious skin care experiences that enhance this world-wide reputation for Korean skin care product excellence.