Our sense of smell is linked directly to areas of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. Amarte believes fragrance applied with a light, artistic style elevates the indulgence and luxury of a daily skin care regimen.

This art of bringing universally appealing, light and elegant fragrance to products is complex and relies on the craft of product formulators and chemists who must meld sound science with discerning artistic sense; An innovative endeavor we find not only completely worthwhile, but essential to a pleasurable and efficacious experience.

Amarte devotes substantial creative and scientific resources to the development of fragrances, advocating several core principles:

  • Amarte is dedicated to safe and non-sensitizing fragrance ingredients, including natural fragrance extracts.
  • Amarte fragrances are designed to be ethereal and ephemeral. Our fragrance departs upon completion of product application. It does not linger on the skin.
  • Amarte fragrances are designed to add to the unique pleasure and indulgence of the Amarte skin care experience in a way that is tangible and universal. The beauty of Amarte’s use of fragrance is how unpretentious and natural it feels – adding subtle depth to moment without distracting from the larger skin care benefits.